AVMAN exists to provide solutions to any church, school, government, entertainment and large business looking for  quality video, sound, lighting systems or digital signage at a fair price.
AVMAN is a sound system integrator located in Springfield, Missouri. Our foundation was laid in 2001 by partnering with local churches, providing technology consultation, design, project management, and complete installation services to those with a message.
AVMAN focuses on building our reputation of integrity and technical excellence for the design on church spaces, schools and colleges along with many types of corporate facilities.
Specializing in a comprehensive scope of communication and video presentation technologies that are essential for event centers, AVMAN will become a trusted member of your design team, providing a single point of responsibility for any of your audio visual needs.
AVMAN is a member of the prestigious USAV Group, a buying and resource sharing organization of the largest A/V contractors in the United States. There are now over 40 members of professional audiovisual systems integrators. As a proud member of the USAV Group, we receive very high volume discounts from many of our vendors, and pass the savings on to you. Our membership also brings a cooperative spirit to servicing all our customers across the nation. Please see www.usavgroup.net for more information about the USAV Group.
AVMAN is committed to providing great value and complete customer satisfaction. These qualities, coupled with a focus on the specific needs of our clients, highly qualifies AVMAN to be an effective member of your project design team.
Our team works with passion and integrity to provide the best presentation systems to meet your needs in lighting, video systems, sound systems, digital signage and more. Working with projects from 50 to over 2,000-seat capacities, AVMAN has the expertise and experience to bring your organization into the 21st century.